About us

We want to improve the world by inventing games. So something serious…

Anna Carla Scesi (Lilla) and Lorenzo Cimmino (Lollo) met at the age of 20, in 2002, during the staging of an interactive show for 50 actors entitled Chronicles from a Perfect World [Cronache da un mondo perfetto]. The experiment, as crazy as it is brilliant, unexpectedly plants a seed in them, but the time is not ripe yet and they lost sight of each other for about 13 years.

They meet again in 2015 on the occasion of the project DKMO – Don’t kick me out to discover that in the meantime Lorenzo has moved from theatre to publishing, while Anna Carla has continued her scientific studies becoming biologist and counsellor.
The understanding and recognition between them is immediate, but we have to wait another two years for them to find themselves in a concrete way to talk about maximum cosmic systems and needs. This turning point comes thanks to an idea from ​​Lilla: a book on trust that challenges the owner to entrust it to the world, sure of its return…

Well – they said – why not invent a job that does good to ourselves and others? This will be the fulcrum around which to build our home, our philosophy, our research.

To give a name to all this they invented a word: ecolojoy.

Lollo and Lilla are the nicknames they have received since their birth and never particularly loved… until now.