Ecolojoy is a neologism that describes our concept of ecology of the mind: we transform psychological smog into an airy environment, of individual responsibility and collective fun.
We invent training activities, events and games, while having a lot of fun.

What is Ecolojoy?

Care for yourself first so you can care for other people.

The concept of ecolojoy was inspired by some scientific articles and philosophical texts that demonstrate how constructive and positive moods – love, trust, gratitude, will, courage – are recognized as benefits not only for the human values ​​they convey, but also because they are perceived by our body as harmonious and coherent as they generate a condition of balance, health and integrity.
Ecolojoy means to tune into a state of deep well-being of body and mind, infecting our own mood and the mood of those around us. If everyone promoted their own ecolojoy, there would inevitably be a positive impact on all interpersonal relationships.

And how do we implement this philosophy?

Through the gaming, as it’s an experience that affects all living beings. Through a game we learn about our abilities, we improve and weave relationships, exchanging information with others. Through the game we accept a system of common rules and we tend to the same purpose.
The game is a universal tuner that transcends any culture, age and even animal species. It has always been like this and always will be. Oh, yes.
The game is a natural vehicle for the ecolojoy, because it creates a space where fear and judgment disappear, leaving only the pleasure of pure experience and where the search for trial and error improves human evolution.

For this reason our motto is play together, rise yourself.