Trust this book

Can an intention spread trust between people?
A book halfway between a game and a social experiment.


Title: Trust this book
Subtitle: Un gioco sulla fiducia di Ecolojoy
Cover price: € 12.00
ISBN: 9788885743151
Publisher: Nuova S1 – Il Girovago Series

Ideation: Anna Carla Scesi
Texts: Anna Carla Scesi, Lorenzo Cimmino
Illustrations: Stephen Cheetham
Graphic supervision: Jessica Pinotti
English text translation supervision: Lorenzo Mari
Publication edited by Lorenzo Cimmino

This book is a collaborative game and a social experiment inspired by a principle of quantum physics. The owner writes or draws a thought about trust on the first page and then assigns the book to a carefully chosen person. They will perform the same actions, giving way to a virtuous handrail that will be repeated until the last page is completed.
The person who ends the book will then return it to the rightful owner, loaded with thoughts, energy and suggestions.

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