Frequently asked questions

Tips for playing with Trust this book

For the book owner

Entering your data

  • How do I write my contacts?

Name: You don’t need to enter your real name if you don’t want to. You can use a pseudonym.

Email: use your email (or that of a friend or relative), not your home address or phone.

Watch your privacy! Trusting does not mean being naive. 🙂

Using the book

  • How to choose the maximum time for return?

If you want to indicate 15 minutes, make sure you have all the eleven other people you want to pass the book on.
If you want to indicate 1 month, consider that the book will come back to you after about a year.
For all intermediate durations, well by now you understand how it works.

  • Where / how do I start playing?

On page 17. Write a question, a thought, a quote, draw a picture, paste a picture, whatever you want.
Use only page 17.

For those who receive the book

Using the book

  • I can’t respect the deadline indicated by the owner on page 1, what can I do?

If you can’t stay in the timeframe set on page 1. Don’t worry, return the book to those who passed it on to you and trust, it will come back to you (the one or another!) in another way. The important thing is not to stop the journey of the book.

  • I would like to read all the contributions after mine, how do I do that?

Note the contact of the owner of the book on page 1, calculate how long it will take for the book to return, and contact him / her for updates.

  • How many pages can I write?

Only one page per person is allocated. (pages 17-29).

  • I don’t know what to write / draw, what do I do?

Get inspired by those who passed you the book, quote a movie you saw, a book you read, a song. Don’t limit your imagination and don’t stress yourself. 🙂
Just connect to the concept of trust with serenity and objectivity; you will see that inspiration will come to you.

  • I don’t know who to pass the book to, what do I do?

Choose someone in whom you place true trust. If you really can’t find anyone available, you can contact the owner.

For those who write the last contribution

Returning the book

  • How do I contact the owner?

Use the email address you find on page 1.

  • How do I return the book?

By mutual agreement with the owner, you can send it by post, leave it in a place of trust (bar, office, gym), or, if you both want, you can also meet in person… maybe over coffee.